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We are a non-profit artist space established to support to local art community by providing an affordable creative space and organising artist talks, workshops & exhibitions. Creating a community established on the free exchange of ideas and resources.

The Collective

Art Collective


The Collective sees itself as a potential  catalyst for urban and rural regeneration  and aims to bring people together, creating a place where we all want to live work and play, promoting health and wellbeing whilst fostering culture and educational attainment.

The role of the artists in this is a primary one. The reflective expression of artists on our everyday events be they large or small, is valued as enriching our entire community through sensory, emotional, intellectual and creative engagement.

To achieve its aims Gorey Art Collective has rented a shared studio space in Gorey and allows this studio space to be accessible to members at all times and to other interested parties at clearly defined times.  This will be an incubation space and testing ground for artists.

Gorey Art Collective is closely aligned with the goals of County Wexford’s Arts Plan 2018 to 2022.

For further information please contact us at goreyartcollective@gmail.com

Studio Space

The aim of the shared studio space is to facilitate the encounter and collaboration of local artists and to promote the exchange of ideas.

All artists using the inclusive studio space of Gorey Art Collective aim to share the space and benefit from each other’s presence. In doing so all artists are expected to adhere to the constitution of Gorey Art Collective especially point 2 Aims, Objectives and Ethos.

Using a space together with others requires a willingness for cooperation and openness to other ways of being. It also needs a good amount of trust that we will all feel respected and at home in the studio.

However hard we try, differences in art-practice and communication skills and needs, as well as possible interpersonal difficulties may arise whenever we work closely with others.

This Code of Conduct will be signed by all studio members and tries to list a few clear rules that are aimed at making the shared studio a positive and enabling environment for all.     

After all each of us is investing money and energy into the space and wants to gain the most possible benefits from our time as fellow studio users.

This project has been supported by

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The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

Funded by the Department of Rural & Community Development


Gorey Art Collective
Trillium House
St Michael's Place
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email: goreyartcollective@gmail.com