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Elke Williams

Elke Williams





Elke Williams Comments to online exhibition:

I have always been a tactile person, so it is not surprising that in my art practice I turn again and again to three dimensional artforms.

The way forms including the human form interact with space interests me.

Forms occupy space and create spaces in and around and in between them.

Forms are associated to gestures which are are attributed with emotional meaning.

Merging different forms creates new gestures and new meaning.


Recently I have become fascinated by Moebius strips which have only one edge and one side. Inner space can become outer space or merges into it, thus overcoming the strict syntax of form and interstitial space.

Over 25 years of living, working and making art with people who experience the world radically different from myself have taught me to value this equal potential for the attribution of meaning to form or space.


The very tactile and aesthetically pleasing Moebius strips offer different associations from different perspectives. As they seamlessly open they proffer the question: What is the connection between the physical and the spiritual-conceptual aspects of every form, be they human or otherwise?

Caroline O’Connor

Caroline O'Connor





About Me and My Work as an Artist

I’ve always had an interest in art and in its various forms. Ever since I was a child, I found myself drawn to doodling at mealtimes and during classes in school or looking out the window creating images in my mind. I brought a camera everywhere growing up and loved to take photographs especially outdoors; nature and people appealed to me most.

I feel that the self-motivation required to make art can only come from someone who is truly committed to the search for his or her creative language.

So, my motivation isn’t just art but the ambition to develop as an artist. As much as I enjoy being creative, I am also passionate about working with disadvantaged communities and helping people of all ages to overcome certain issues using their creativity.

I am happiest when I am painting in my studio space. If I am not physically painting, I am creating new ideas or going outdoors to search for inspiration. I get excited about my work and I love experimenting especially when the end result takes a new form from what I had imagined. I found that abstract works enhance my creativity and allow me to do this. When I come up with a new idea, I want to seek out every possibility of how it could look.

Resident Artist @ Gorey Art Collective

I am delighted to have taken over the space in Gorey Art Collective and look forward to having workshops, talks and a few solo exhibitions throughout the year. I am very grateful to the Collective for their support and for giving me this opportunity.





Paul Brown – chairman

Dewi Williams – secretary

Kate Kos – treasurer


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